What Is a Vancouver Public Notary And How Can They Help You

A public servant that has been appointed by state government to witness the signing of legal paperwork is known as a notary public. Holding this position requires the notary public in vancouver to be fully qualified in civil or bijuridical areas, such as California, their main responsibility is to confirm the identity of all parties within an agreement is checked to be correct. Use of a notary public is not normally required for a real estate contract, although mast recording offices require that the signatures on the deed be notarized before it can be recorded. A notary public will charge a nominal fee for their services, but are not allowed to ask for charges that are seen to be excessive. They are also not allowed to give legal advice to any person as they not licensed attorneys.notary public vancouver

As long as a notary public works or resides in the county where they were appointed they are free to carry out their duties anywhere within the state of California.

A notary public is appointed to undertake a range of duties including;

  • Administering oaths
  • Attesting to photocopies of certain documents
  • Solemnizing marriages
  • Note the non-acceptance of documents or payments due.
  • Acknowledging signatures
  • Executing jurats
  • Witnessing the opening of safety deposit boxes.
  • Take and receive affidavits, statutory declarations and affirmations in any area.

A mobile notary will ask you details of where you live, what type of document is to be signed and how many pages require signatures, they will then contact your client to arrange a appointment and confirm their details. Most mobile notary public are usually willing to travel up to around 30 miles to reach a client, they have the same powers as a regular notary public but remove the need for you to travel to the public notary headquarters.

A notary public has to file a $1,000 surety bond with the court clerk in their county of residence in order to be allowed to practice, and can only confirm signatures which they have been physically present for when signed.